Uneven Heating: Sources and Solutions

During the cold months of winter, many Pioneer Valley families adjust their lifestyles to accommodate the uneven heat in their homes. They keep piles of blankets in the bedroom where it is freezing cold, but take off layers when they are in the toasty warm living room. We get used to the huge temperature differences in our homes over time and forget that it doesn’t have to be that way.

If your home is like this, there are various simple improvements to make your whole house comfortable from top to bottom and in every room.


If you experience uneven heat in your home, it is most often a result of poor insulation. Whether it’s attic, basement, or wall insulation, there are probably areas where the insulation has been improperly installed, or was never installed in the first place.


Uneven heat can also be caused by dirty ventilation systems and dirty ductwork. When the systems that transport the heated air from the heating system to your living spaces aren’t working properly, it’s an efficiency and safety problem. Cleaning and sealing your ducts and improving the ventilation system can be a fairly simple repair that will make a big difference in temperature.

Air Sealing

A major contributor to high energy costs is the infiltration of cold, drafty air into your home, and the exfiltration (the escape) of warm air. Sealing these air leaks is one of the most affordable and cost effective ways to feel more comfortable in your home and reduce your energy bills. In most cases, the money spent on sealing air leaks is recouped within the first year through lower energy bills.

As experts in weatherization, our team at Energia offers many services to make sure your home is evenly heated and comfortable for your family. We provide insulation installation services and provide many multiple types of healthy and high performance insulation materials to ensure your home functions well and heats up evenly.

We also make sure that we repair and upgrade the system that is causing the issues in the first place. With ventilation cleaning & repair, ductwork inspection & service, and air sealing, we can help you improve your home’s comfort, health and efficiency.

Find out more about our weatherization services, call us at 413-887-3350 today.

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