Weatherization is a simple way of describing a complex service. Weatherization is the service that most western Massachusetts buildings need. At Energia we take a “whole building” approach to weatherizing a building. The goal of a “whole building” upgrade is a healthy, safe and energy efficient building.

When a building is well insulated and air sealed, the building envelope keeps healthy air and temperatures on the inside of the home and keeps the elements out.

Our Weatherization Process:

  • Air sealing ideally starts with a Blower Door test to identify current air leaks.  

  • After the work is done we retest the building to gauge the effectiveness of the installation.

  • A flash coat of closed cell spray foam is used to seal off walls or floors to separate the interior conditioned areas from the adjacent unheated spaces.

  • We spot treat any problem areas with spray foam gun and major chases are sealed off using reflective foil and foam.

  • Areas around combustion flues and chimneys must be treated properly to conform with building codes for fire safety. Chimney perimeters often contribute to heat loss through air movement.

  • We make any necessary updates to improve ventilation in attics and crawlspaces. Ventilation of roofs can be important for ensuring roof sheathing and roofing materials remain durable.

  • Mechanical ventilation of bath fans, kitchen exhaust fans, and clothes dryers is important to remove hot moist air from the house. Improperly vented fans and dryers can load moisture into the living space and lead to indoor air quality issues.

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We proudly serve Hampshire, Hampden, Franklin, Berkshire, and Worcester Counties.


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