Insulation Removal

Insulation Removal

A Key Step in Addressing Fire-Damaged, Water-Damaged or Contaminated Insulation.

Does your home or building contain old, dirty, or otherwise contaminated insulation? Removing attic insulation is the first step in our integrated attic-cleaning solution. Old attic insulation is often inefficient and can lead to unnecessarily high energy bills. Dirty attic insulation, on the other hand, can lead to an unhealthy home. Many of the homes we work on have issues with rodents, birds, or other pests contaminating the insulation.

If either of these situations are the case, it’s time to remove insulation from attic spaces to maximize the safety and energy efficiency of your house.

Energia offers a professional service that will remove the old insulation materials from your western Massachusetts attic in a controlled way, without any disturbance to the rest of your home.

Blown-In Insulation Removal

Our team is committed to using specific technology that makes removing blown-in insulation a safe task. Our attic insulation removal service involves the use of a custom-designed, high-powered vacuum, which is connected to a very long hose. We can safely and efficiently suctioned up the blown-in insulation, which we collect either in a large-volume filter bag specifically designed to collect the insulation material or directly into a dumpster.

Fiberglass Batt Insulation Removal

If your attic has batt insulation, we can remove it by placing the insulation in contractor trash bags and manually removing it from the attic. With blown-in insulation removal, it’s often the case that the insulation can be higher than the joists in your ceiling, which makes it difficult to see where you are walking. Also, since there are some potential health and dust contamination hazards, ball insulation removal does require a professional approach.

Why Have Your Insulation Professionally Removed?

There are several reasons why doing this yourself is not a safe option for most homeowners. Problems like these can occur if you try the removal yourself without adequate protection and expertise:

  • Should pests or rodents have gotten into your insulation, stirring up dust and fecal matter might lead to contracting potentially fatal diseases.

  • Not everyone is familiar with the appearance of some potentially dangerous materials that make up older insulation, like asbestos and older fiberglass products. These materials can be very dangerous to work with without protective equipment.

  • Although it can be tempting to try to remove the insulation yourself, there’s a very real chance that you could end up causing accidental damage such as stepping through your ceiling!

  • Using experts like Energia really does make a difference and helps avoid the risk of contamination, which can happen when trying to remove insulation material directly from the attic or crawlspace through the inside of the building rather than channeling it outside using a high-powered vacuum.

Allow the professionals at Energia to go about removing insulation from attic and crawlspaces for you. Whether we’re dealing with batts or blown-in insulation, we’ll get rid of your insulation in the safest way possible.

If you’re ready to remove insulation from your western Massachusetts home or building, give us a call at 413-322-3111 for a free estimate.

We proudly serve Hampshire, Hampden, Franklin, Berkshire, and Worcester Counties.


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