Alternative Insulation

Boards, Cords, & Sheep’s Wool Insulation

There are a few insulation options that we offer for specific projects that serve specific and unique applications. Ask us about whether these insulation options would be right for your home or building.  

Polyisocyanurate Board Insulation

Polyisocyanurate board insulation, or Polyiso, has the highest R value of all standard insulation products. It also is offered with or without a thermal fire-rated barrier.

Cotton or Denim Batts

Cotton or Denim batts are often used in homes or buildings where inhabitants have dust or chemical sensitivities.

Real Sheep's Wool

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Made from 100% sheep’s wool, this insulation is one of the most sustainable options for Massachusetts homeowners. Sheep’s wool is one of the few all natural products that can be blown into walls and loosely blown into attics

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