Denim Insulation: An Alternative Option

Have you ever wondered why wearing jeans in the winter keeps you so warm? Denim acts as a great barrier in the colder months, especially here in Pioneer Valley. That’s because it keeps the cold air out and the warmth of our body from escaping, while also being more breathable than other fabrics. In other words, it’s a fantastic insulator. The benefits of denim didn’t go unnoticed by the insulation industry as they looked at new, more sustainable alternatives to traditional insulation materials.  Denim insulation is one of Energia’s alternative insulation options, and has become a popular choice for homeowners who need their attics and walls insulated.

If you’re looking to find healthier and more sustainable alternatives to insulate your home or building, consider denim.

Benefits of Denim Insulation

The product that we use to insulate your home is not just ripped jeans. The denim fabric is processed before it gets shredded and sprayed into your ceiling and walls to be flame retardant to prevent the spread of any fires.

There are many benefits to using denim insulation over fiberglass and other forms of insulation:

More Sustainable

Denim batts typically contain 85 percent recycled content which gives a new life to old products that normally would end up in a landfill. Also, the natural cotton fibers are 100 percent recyclable at the end of the insulation's usable life, so your old jeans get even more usability.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Many forms of insulation contain chemicals that are give off air pollutants as they sit in your home. Recycled denim contains no formaldehyde or other volatile organic compounds that pollute a home's indoor air. Denim is treated with an EPA-approved borate solution that provides the best fire-resistance results. It has lower toxicity than table salt and is safe for humans and the environment.

Gentle & Toxin-Free

Installing recycled denim can be an excellent choice for families who struggle with asthma or allergies. Denim insulation doesn't irritate the skin or the respiratory system. It's also treated with an EPA-registered fungal inhibitor for additional protection against mold, mildew and pests which keeps the air irritant-free and pollutant-free.

Increased Soundproofing

Denim batts have significantly higher noise absorption than traditional insulations, making them a great option for wall insulation in homes and apartment buildings. The acoustic ratings for denim insulation is around 30 percent higher than the ratings for traditional insulation, which means a quieter living space for homeowners.

Lower Energy Bills

Having effective insulation is the best way to reduce energy usage and lighten the load for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. When heat stays in your home, you don’t need as much power or energy to keep it warm. Installing highly efficient insulation can significantly reduce heating bills immediately.

Denim insulation is the perfect option for homeowners in Western Massachusetts looking for the most efficient and healthy option. If you are interested in a zero-waste option for keeping your home warm and comfortable, denim insulation will help to boost your home’s efficiency and cut energy bills. Contact us today to make the switch to denim.

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