Insulation for "In-between" Weather

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It’s no secret that fall is a beautiful time of the year in Western Massachusetts. It’s also a time of reflection for Pioneer Valley area homeowners, whether it be on personal, professional, or other matters. Now is the perfect time to reflect on home efficiency, and insulation is one of the things that you should be thinking of—not for winter, but for right now.

It’s commonly thought that insulation is only necessary during harsh, cold Massachusetts winters. While it’s true that a well-insulated home will help to keep you warm when the temps drop below freezing, insulation is actually important throughout the entire year. A well-insulated home is one that helps to keep conditioned (aka, cooled or heated) air inside and unconditioned air out, thus improving home performance no matter what time of the year it is. Summer is a great example, as an AC unit can only reach peak performance if it’s operating within a well-insulated home where summer heat is being kept at bay.

Why Insulation is Essential in Fall and Spring

Just as quality insulation matters during extreme seasons, it’s just as essential in the fall and spring. These are both considered to be transitional, or “in-between” seasons, as they help to usher in cold and warm weather respectively. In the fall, this can mean added stress on your home. Changes in temperature, moisture levels and systems usage (your heating system has been off all summer) can all get in the way of home performance, and the more you can do to assist your home during this transition, the better.

This is exactly where insulation comes in. Insulation acts like a barrier, or jacket for your home. Just as you might start throwing a coat on when heading out the door, your home needs to be properly insulated so that your heating system is able to function properly and without having to work overtime. When combined with air sealing, insulation can be a powerful tool for protecting your home through periods of changing weather.

Free Insulation Estimates from Energia

At Energia, we understand exactly how important insulation is in the grand scheme of things—especially when the weather is shifting. In-between seasons are ideal times for having your home’s insulation evaluated, and our team of professionals is happy to offer you a free estimate on what boosting insulation quality for your home might cost. We’ll come up with a plan that fits your home and your budget.

Don’t let a lack of quality insulation get in the way of enjoying the fall! Contact us today or call 413-322-3111 to learn more and to schedule an appointment.

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