Are There Creepy Critters in Your Attic?


With temperatures dropping here in western Massachusetts, more and more homeowners are bundling up inside their homes to keep warm. As you get cozy inside, there could be pests doing the very same thing in your attic. Fall and winter are prime seasons for attic pests, and they can wreak major havoc on your attic insulation. As you get comfortable for winter, don’t forget to check the insulation in your attic and address any pest-related issues.

Dangers of Pests in Your Attic

Rats, mice, and insects are some of the most common pests that take shelter in attics. They like to nest in attic walls and in the fiberglass insulation that is so often found in attics. Once these pests take shelter in your attic, they’ll trample down, rip up, and otherwise compromise your insulation with their nests and droppings. This not only makes your home messy and smelly but also undermines the effectiveness of your attic insulation, making your home less comfortable and energy efficient.

What to Do If Pests Invade Your Attic

Pest infestation in your attic is never convenient, but fortunately there is a lot that you can do to repair the mess and damage that your attic pests have left behind. Once a qualified professional has removed the pests from your attic, it’s essential to remove any damaged or contaminated insulation and to replace it with high-performance insulation.

Insulation Removal

Before you attempt to remove the insulation in your attic, keep in mind that insulation removal should always be performed by a qualified professional. This is because removing old insulation can stir up dust and other particulates, putting you at risk for contracting a harmful disease. In addition, older types of insulation can contain harmful materials such as asbestos. Our insulation specialists can remove your old insulation in the safest way possible while avoiding any health impacts to your home.

High-Performance Insulation

Once your old attic insulation has been removed, it is important to replace it with high-performance insulation such as cellulose or spray foam insulation. The professionals at Energia can help you determine which insulation is best for your attic space. The right insulation will make your entire home more comfortable and energy efficient, all while preventing future pest infestation in your attic.

If you’ve recently discovered pests in your attic, be sure to give Energía a call. We proudly serve Hampshire, Hampden, Franklin, Berkshire, and Worcester Counties and have the expertise necessary to combat the attic damage that pests leave behind. We can also weatherize your attic to help prevent future pest damage.

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