Boost Your Home Efficiency in the Spring

With spring slowly approaching western Massachusetts, you may be itching to store away those winter coats and get out the cleaning supplies. You may also be sighing with relief at the knowledge that your energy bills might be a bit lower for a few months until the peak of summer hits.

Thankfully, spring is the perfect time of year to make several home upgrades that will go a long way to improving your home comfort and efficiency year-round. Here are the three steps you can take this season:

1. Schedule an Energy Audit

An energy assessment helps to provide a roadmap to energy savings. Although it may seem like a superfluous step, it’s key to learning exactly what’s going on in your home to have the ability to remedy any problems.

Not only will you be informed about which improvements need to be made to save energy and money, but you’ll also learn about how your home can become more comfortable during any season. The Mass Save program makes it easy to get a no-cost home energy audit performed, so you’ll be armed with the knowledge about how your home can become more energy efficient for free.

2. Update Air Sealing & Insulation

During your home energy audit, it’s likely that air leaks and spots of poor or no insulation will be found. When you know exactly where these spots are, a professional team can quickly and painlessly air seal and insulate your home so that it’s energy efficient for years to come.

These upgrades will make your home comfortable and help you save money on heating and cooling since your HVAC units won’t have to work as hard to maintain a steady, pleasant indoor temperature.

3. Maintain Your Heater & Air Conditioner

Even if you have a new, energy efficient heating or air conditioning system, it needs to be regularly maintained in order to perform effectively and efficiently. Unfortunately, most homes have outdated HVAC systems which may even need replacement.

Schedule an appointment with a heating and cooling professional to discuss servicing or replacing your existing HVAC system. With a seasonal tune up or a new, energy efficient system, you’ll experience more comfortable home temperatures without wasting excess energy or worrying about an unexpected breakdown.

A More Energy Efficient Home with Energía

With help from the skilled team at Energía, you can use the spring to make your home more efficient for the summer, next winter and the years ahead. We can identify what home performance issues need to be resolved and take the necessary measures to address them.

Ready to get comfortable and start saving this spring? Contact us or call (413) 322-3111 to schedule an appointment for your home today!

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