Don’t Try to DIY — Call an Expert for an Energy Audit!

If you have problems at home with discomfort and high energy bills, it’s likely that you need to air seal and upgrade your insulation. You’ve probably heard that an energy audit is used to uncover efficiency, comfort, and health concerns — but why would you pay a professional for that...can’t you just do it yourself?

Why an Energy Audit is Worth It

You wouldn’t diagnose your own symptoms. Instead you rely on an accredited physician to assess your health and make a diagnosis.

A home performance contractor is essentially like a doctor for your home. A certified energy auditor has been expertly trained in how to assess a building for the root causes of issues such as energy inefficiency, discomfort, and poor indoor air quality.

What may be included in an Energy Audit

During an energy audit, you can expect the some or all of following:

  • A blower door test to measure and locate air leaks.

  • Duct leakage and ventilation testing using a duct blaster test.

  • Identification of thermal envelope issues, moisture intrusion, and electrical hotspots with infrared camera thermography.

  • Combustion safety testing for carbon monoxide and gas.

  • Indoor air quality analysis using a moisture meter and hygrometer.

  • Energy modeling to estimate achievable cost and energy savings after recommended improvements.

Your home will be analyzed by someone who has a complete understanding of building science and following your energy audit you’ll receive a comprehensive report of any issues and exactly how to resolve them. So, for example, not only will you know for certain that your attic needs increased insulation and air sealing, but you’ll know the precise locations of any trouble areas. Knowing exactly which issues to address, and where, will help you save money on improvements and see an improved return on investment.

Make Home Improvements with Help from Energía

At Energía, our experienced and qualified energy auditors can conduct a comprehensive energy audit of your home. Our professional team can then also implement the most effective upgrades for your home, whether that’s air sealing and insulation, arranging for new HVAC system installation, or new windows. Our knowledge and expertise will help you make your home comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy.

Get ready to improve your home’s comfort and health while reducing your bills. Schedule your energy audit today by calling (413) 322-3111 or contacting us!