You CAN Afford to Improve Home Comfort This Spring

If there’s one thing that most New Englanders can agree on, it’s that our weather tends to be relatively unpredictable. Winter may have been warmer than usual for the most part, but just because it’s warm one day doesn’t mean it won’t snow the next. There is perhaps no region in the country where it’s more important to focus on home efficiency and weatherization, which ensures that your home is prepared for whatever elements may come its way.

While many homeowners believe that home upgrades are too expensive and out of their reach, the fact is that there are a number of financing options available, such as the Mass Save program.

Financing Home Energy Efficiency in Western Massachusetts

Fall is upon us, and many Pioneer Valley area residents are gearing up for the cooler weather that is to come. There are no doubt certain times of the year when it’s wise to reevaluate home performance, and now is one of them. Rising energy costs are not only a nuisance, but they can make paying monthly utility bills easier said than done. In many cases, financing may be necessary.