Getting You Massive Rebates with the Mass Save Program

Energia energy savings

Free is good, and white-glove, free service is even better. This is especially true when it comes to a service you may be postponing unnecessarily. We would all get oil changes more regularly if auto shops would pick up our vehicles at work and give us a rebate for the job!

Making Home Energy Audits Affordable

The Mass Save Program, in combination with our unique brand of customer service, makes a home energy audit just that easy. Home energy audits uncover areas of inefficiency in your home through top-of-the-line diagnostic tools. Our team at Energia will help you schedule your free energy audit anywhere in the Pioneer Valley area, and can accompany you during the service to ensure your auditor is finding the most accurate solutions for your western Massachusetts home.

Typical Home Efficiency Upgrades

What is an auditor likely to find in your home? Issues typically fall into in these areas:

Air Leaks & Insufficient Insulation

You may be so accustomed to the comfort level in your home (good or bad) that you haven't thought about air leaks lately. The Mass Save free home energy audit includes blower door testing, which is the most effective way to find air leaks. Our team at Energia provides complete air sealing and insulation services to seal leaky areas in your home and give your insulation a boost in places where it is thin, damaged, or missing.

Heating, Cooling, & Lighting

An energy audit will uncover inefficiencies that can lead not only to higher heating bills, but also shortened system life. Summer is a great season to have a professional inspection of your heating The free energy audit also includes free LED and compact fluorescent bulbs to decrease energy use on home lighting systems.

Summary Report

At the end of the audit, your auditor will present a summary report that offers specific practical money saving recommendations for your Western Massachusetts home.

Mass Save includes rebates and discounts for air sealing and insulation. Our team at Energia is here to help you coordinate your energy audit, and is at the ready to help you make important efficiency upgrades to your home that will save you energy and money!

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