Weatherproofing Your Home Year-Round

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It’s no secret that Western Massachusetts is a beautiful place to live. One thing about the area that keeps homeowners on their toes, however, is the unpredictable weather. No matter what time of year it is, the weather can change quickly and without warning. For this and many other reasons, homeowners in the Pioneer Valley Area owe it to themselves to weatherproof their homes as efficiently as possible.

Here are some key tips for weatherproofing your home for year-round energy efficiency, all of which can bring about some serious benefits:

Air Sealing Leaky Areas

Air sealing may not be a service that many homeowners think about. When you consider the number of cracks and leaks a home has, however, it stands to reason how important this particular home upgrade is. Areas that can benefit especially from air sealing include the following:

  • Attic wire and pipe penetrations

  • Attic wall tops

  • Chimney chases

  • Attic hatch

  • Basement Perimeter

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Baseboards

Many people find that the differences they experience after hiring a professional to perform air sealing are nothing short of extraordinary, and not just when it comes to saving money on utility bills. Customers often that they find their home much less drafty and more comfy.

Insulation for the Full Weather Spectrum

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to believe that insulation is only useful in the colder parts of the year, and for good reason. After all, insulation helps to keep heat from escaping and cold drafts from entering. However, the same principle applies when keeping cool, conditioned air inside your home during the summer months. Insulation is necessary for year-round home comfort. When combined with air sealing, insulation can be a highly effective step towards home performance.

Where to Start? Schedule a Home Energy Audit

One of the most difficult aspects of waterproofing a home is knowing exactly what work needs to be performed and which might be considered superfluous. This is where a home energy audit comes in, and it’s the most effective tool for analyzing the overall health of your home.

An energy audit is the natural starting point for homeowners looking to improve home performance and energy efficiency. The Energia team can help you to obtain and schedule an energy audit that is of no cost to you by utilizing one of a number of utility or state programs available. We’ll even have one of our energy experts accompany you on the audit to act as your advocate, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Weatherization matters year-round; our team is ready to make sure your home is prepared for fluctuating weather. Contact Energia today to learn more about our services!

We proudly serve Hampshire, Hampden, Franklin, Berkshire, and Worcester Counties.

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