The Triple Bottom Line

There are a number of different things that need to be take into consideration when hiring a contractor. Most homeowners in the Pioneer Valley area of Western Massachusetts will admit that budget and affordability comes into play, but so too does the need for quality contracting and attention to detail. Many are looking for contractors who focuses on “green,” sustainable practices, and for good reason—there’s never been a more important time to focus on sustainability.

What often gets overlooked, however, is that it’s easy for a company to paint a picture of itself as being ethical and sustainable. In some cases, the only thing “green” about a particular contractor may be the color of their trucks. Not everyone actually practices what they preach, which is what sets Energia apart from the competition.

The Importance of Honesty and Transparency

At Energia, we believe that few things are as important as building and maintaining trusting relationships with the customers we serve. Honesty and transparency are central to this effort, which is where our triple bottom line approach comes in. We strive to maintain a positive balance between social, ecological and financial concerns, viewing each customer and their needs as unique and approaching every job with care. Our commitment to helping the people we work with reach their home performance goals is unwavering, and it involves three core factors—people, planet and profit.

Equity in Western Massachusetts

One of values we hold dear at Energia is equity. The disenfranchised in Western Massachusetts need our support, which is why we aim to provide green career ladders to those who are looking to enter into the space but haven’t had ample opportunity to do so. We hold a number of different licenses, certifications and memberships, including an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. With each passing year, the team at Energia makes an effort to become more engrained in our community, participating not only in the Mass Save Home Energy Services but in several low income weatherization programs and occasionally volunteering on Habitat for Humanity projects.

Choosing the right contractor is about more than just looking at their portfolios. It’s about how they run their business, what their core values are and the approach they take to improving sustainability and energy efficiency. At Energia, we know that our work speaks for itself, and the most important thing we can do as a company is to continue following our Triple Bottom Line approach.

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