Do I Have Enough Attic Insulation?


While having insulation installed may seem like a simple home improvement project, there are many ways that insulation can be improperly installed. Unfortunately, a poor insulation job can cost you money and unnecessary home heat loss. 70% of energy costs in the average U.S. home are due to heating and cooling. Having a knowledgeable installer evaluate and insulate your home can make all the difference in increasing comfort and reducing ongoing bills.

One of the most glaring issues with many homes is that they don’t have enough insulation installed. In order to keep costs low, some companies will skimp on the amount of insulation that they provide. Recent tests on homes show that if you have 5% missing insulation in an attic, you’ll have a slightly more than 50% drop in R-value. R-value is a material’s resistance to heat flow and is the measurement home performance companies use to measure the effectiveness of their services. If your insulation is at or below the joists in your attic or if you can see the bare Sheetrock in your home, you likely don’t have enough insulation.

Insulate Hard to Reach Spaces

In order to reduce labor costs and get jobs done faster, some companies will insulate open spaces but avoid the hard to reach spaces. These are the places that are most likely to lose heat and also cause ice damming. Spaces like knee walls, drop soffits, and open chases that often don’t get properly air sealed and insulated can go unnoticed by homeowners. A good contractor will do a thorough evaluation of these places and conduct a test to show you where energy is still escaping. They will also test after a project is complete to show you the measurable difference in the completed work.

Install Enough Blown-in Insulation

All too often, we are asked to fix or improve a recent project that was done improperly. One of the most common problems we encounter concerns blown insulation and contractors not taking settlement over time into account. It seems easy to install, but many contractors never return to inspect or measure the job’s performance. Once the insulation settles, it can still be missing 10%-30% of the insulation actually necessary to properly insulate the home.

Air Sealing Before Insulating

When a complete audit or evaluation has been done, it will be obvious to a professional whether air sealing is necessary in addition to insulation. A small amount of sealing might be all your home needs. Before investing in more insulation, make sure your home and attic are properly sealed first.

Install the Most Efficient Insulation Product

Deciding which insulation works best for your home can be difficult. Let a professional support you through this process. While spray foam or cellulose insulation might seem like the best option, there is no one-size fits all solution. We also offer mineral wool insulation and other non-traditional options that might be the best option for your family.

We understand the nuance of insulation benefits so you don’t have to. Your home may have problem areas and circumstances that need a specific product solution. Let the professionals at Energia help you determine the right mix of insulation options for your home and budget.

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