Add Weatherization to your Spring Cleaning Checklist!

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The snow is melting here in Western Massachusetts. It’s time for Spring cleaning! Over the next few weeks we’ll all be gearing up for warmer weather. As you go through your checklist (clearing out the garage, boxing up your winter coats, dusting off your bike, clearing the gutters...), don’t forget to attend to your home. We often think of weatherization as preparing for the cold of winter, but in reality, weatherization is a necessity for efficiency and comfort year-round.

Even though we may not feel it, warmer weather is right around the corner. As you go through your Spring cleaning checklist, be sure to make sure your home or building is weatherized to handle the coming summer heat.

Start with an Energy Audit

Poorly installed insulation, air leaks, and other inefficiencies negatively affect the heating and cooling systems of buildings. The best way to pinpoint the sources of these problems is with an energy audit. In this assessment, a professional will evaluate your home with diagnostic equipment to find the true causes of home efficiency issues. You’ll also receive a customized list of recommended improvements so you can start to make smart and cost-effective upgrades to your home. Our team at Energia is happy to help you understand and work with the Mass Save Program so you can receive a free home energy assessment.

Air Sealing

This is the most effective weatherization service for most buildings. After your energy audit, which includes a blower door test, we will identify the areas of your home that are leaking air and causing problems. By sealing areas around wire and pipe penetrations and gaps around windows and doors, we can help create a tighter building envelope that keeps cool air in and hot air out during the summer months.


Properly insulating your building is an excellent solution for saving money and reducing your home or commercial building’s energy consumption. Insulation provides thermal resistance (measured in R-value), which restricts heat flow from either escaping in the winter or infiltrating in the summer. Making the right decision about which insulation is best can be difficult. At Energia, we offer a variety of high performance insulation options to make sure each part of your building is operating at peak performance.

Ventilation Inspection & Upgrades

Ventilation issues are often ignored until something goes wrong. Avoid any unnecessary emergencies or expensive remediation by having your building’s ventilation systems inspected by an expert. Our Energia professionals will make any necessary updates to improve ventilation in your kitchen, bathrooms, attic, crawl spaces, and roof to ensure safety and longevity of your systems.

Our team at Energia is ready to make energy efficiency a reality for your home. Call us today to schedule your energy efficient upgrades!

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