The Dynamic Duo: Air Sealing & Insulation

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At Energia, our professionals get dozens of calls a day from homeowners interested in choosing the right high performance insulation product for their home or building. While the products themselves are very important, other variables have a big influence on insulation performance. It is of course helpful to understand whether cellulose or spray foam is more effective and what kinds of insulations are most environmentally friendly, but the truth is, insulation is only effective when it’s properly installed.

We see too many home and building owners who are still living in uncomfortable and inefficient homes. During our free evaluations, too often we see the right type of insulation used in the right places, but so poorly installed that it’s ineffective.

The Whole Package

You’ll rarely hear us talk about insulation without also talking about air sealing. From our experience, we know air sealing and insulation work together like a “dynamic duo.” Air sealing your building seals up its envelope by targeting small holes, gaps, cracks, and penetrations in the walls and building frame that add up to serious leakage. Once these problem areas are fixed, insulation works more effectively.  A thorough air sealing job prevents conditioned air from escaping as easily from your building, meaning less energy usage and lower utility bills.

Choosing a High Performance Insulation

Once you’ve air sealed your building, it is time to choose the right insulation type to suit your needs. At Energia, we have a wide selection of high performance insulation and will work with you to to determine which will suit the needs of your building and your budget. Our options include:


Inexpensive, non-toxic, and highly flame-retardant, cellulose is our primary choice for many new and retrofit projects.

Spray Foam

Spray polyurethane foam, or SPF, is one of the most effective and high performance insulation materials on the market. Read our Spray Foam FAQs to learn more.

Mineral Wool

If fire protection, sound proofing, and water concerns are important to you, mineral wool insulation may be a good choice.


One of the most common types of insulation for Western Massachusetts, fiberglass is an inexpensive, effective option.

Polyisocyanurate Board

Polyiso has the highest R value (like closed cell spray foam) of all standard insulation products, and has an optional fire-rated barrier for use in living areas that will remain accessible for storage or servicing of mechanical equipment.

Batts (Cotton or Denim)

If you have dust allergies, cotton and denim batts may be the way to go.

Real Sheep’s Wool

Made from 100% sheep’s wool, this insulation is one of the healthiest options on the market.

The Energia Difference

We specialize in residential, commercial, and multifamily building insulation projects and understand the different needs of multi-unit, commercial, small home, and older buildings. As a dedicated team of professionals, we have developed highly effective skills to properly install insulation in even the most complex or unusual buildings. Bringing a deep understanding of the differences of each insulation product, our professional team will advise you on which types of insulation are best suited for your projects.

All insulation jobs are not created equal. Since 2009, we’ve focused on delivering the highest quality service and have seen the results of proper installation methods.

Contact us today to learn more about our insulation options and to schedule your installation.

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