Thinking Spring? Think Air Sealing!

Energia Spring

We’re finally feeling the warming effects of spring. Flower buds are popping up, snow is melting, and we are at long last starting to turn down the heat in our Western Massachusetts homes. Before you know it, summer heat will be here--make sure your home is ready!

The change of season brings with it a long list of to-dos to make your home more comfortable and clean after a long winter. While cleaning your closets and dusting off your bike is probably part of your spring cleaning routine, don’t forget to consider preparing your home for the heat.

Air Sealing with Energia

Even if your home is well insulated, air can still move in and out of the home through small holes, gaps, and cracks, causing an unnecessary waste of energy. Reduce your home cooling costs and prevent expensive damage by making sure your home’s building envelope is sealed tight. Air sealing is the most effective way to keep cool air in, and summer heat and humidity out of your house. These gaps, which are hard to see since they are often hidden in the attic, basement and walls are no match for our seasoned team familiar with the key areas for air sealing.Insulation

When was the last time you had a professional evaluate your insulation? Installing high performance insulation in your home can drastically reduce cooling costs in the summer.  Energia helps set up free assessments to help you identify any areas in your attic, walls, and basement that are missing insulation. We often find that older insulation has shifted, fallen, or was never installed properly and needs to be repaired.

Benefits of Air Sealing

Air conditioning is a significant energy cost for homes in western Massachusetts. Additionally, heat and humidity can do damage to your home, resulting in costly and unnecessary repairs. If your home isn’t air sealed (or insulated), you’ll be throwing away money trying to keep your home cool and dry. Benefits of an air sealing job done properly include:

  • Improved Comfort

  • Lower Monthly Energy Bills

  • Better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

  • Boosted Heating & Cooling System Efficiency

  • Better Insulation Performance

Start with an Energy Audit

Consider having a home evaluation done to determine whether improving your insulation and air sealing your home will improve your home’s comfort and save you money on energy costs this summer. We’ll help set you up with a free energy audit through the Mass Save program or other appropriate programs!

Our team is ready to help you with spring cleaning! Call us to schedule your air sealing appointment today.

Be sure to read our air sealing FAQs to learn more!

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