Sheep Wool Insulation - A Sustainable Choice

energia sheep wool insulation

Sheep are able to survive in all sorts of extreme weather, from heat to humidity to extreme cold. There is a reason they are one of the most adaptable animals on the planet. Sheep wool is uniquely designed to protect against the cold, the heat, and all levels of humidity.

It only makes sense that a material that has been nature’s insulator would be used for our homes. The wool fibres are crimped, forming millions of tiny air pockets that trap air and help to provide a thermal barrier naturally.  Everyone has felt the comfort and breathability of a great wool sweater during the winter. Imagine wrapping your home in a sweater, keeping your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

We are proud to offer sheep wool insulation as part of our alternative insulation products. Here are a few benefits of installing wool insulation in Western Mass homes and buildings:

Healthy, Natural Fibers

Having a healthy home environment for your family is one of your top priorities. Installing insulation that is safe to handle without gloves or a mask is proof that wool is a material that will be a healthier option for your home. Unlike other insulation materials like fiberglass or rockwool, sheeps wool doesn’t cause irritation or inflammation of the eyes, throat, and lungs. Wool can even absorb gases that are emitted from some building products (like formaldehyde), which both helps to protect residents from a number of health risks and improves indoor air quality.  The wool fibers are also naturally extremely durable so the life of your insulation is extended, which means fewer repairs and replacements over many years in your home.

More Breathable

Lack of ‘breathability’ in homes can cause various problems, including health issues and poor indoor air quality due to damp and mold. Poor insulation can make this problem worse. Wool insulation actually improves breathability. This unique feature of wool makes it worth the extra investment. Wool has the ability to absorb and release moisture from the surrounding air; it creates a cooling effect in the summer and a warming effect in winter, and keeps the air circulating efficiently through your home.

Easy to Install

Since wool is natural and safe to handle, it can reduce the effort and time necessary to install. Wool insulation fits easily into unusual spaces and around joists. It comes in a variety of product types and sizes. You can fit it anywhere–in external or internal walls, under timber or concrete floors, in the attic, between the rafters...the list goes on!

If you want to make existing attic insulation more effective, you can roll out Sheep Wool Insulation over the existing insulation rather than having to remove it. This can be easier and safer than removing hazardous material.

Unique Moisture Control

Condensation is one of the biggest challenges to consider while installing insulation. Excess moisture can compromise the structure of a building and can cause mold issues that result in poor indoor air quality and contribute to “sick building syndrome.” Wool is able to absorb, store, and release moisture faster than most other materials. It can absorb over 35% of its own weight in moisture without significant changes to thermal performance.

A More Sustainable & Efficient Option

In addition to all the other benefits of sheep wool insulation, it is one of the most efficient insulation options. The energy savings starts with the manufacturing process: it requires less than 15% of the energy required to produce than glass fibre insulation. Also, unlike any other insulation option, sheep’s wool is biodegradable. It can be composted and puts rich minerals and nutrients back into the soil naturally. It can also be recycled or incinerated to produce additional energy, whereas other insulation materials currently have no practical recycling system in place and can only be disposed of in landfills.

Don’t forget to consider wool as an option for your upcoming home performance upgrade. It may be just the solution you are looking for to create a healthy, safe and comfortable home.  Call Energia today to learn more and to schedule your sheep wool insulation installation!

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