Does Insulation Matter in the Summer?

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You don’t have to be a home performance professional to know that insulation can make all the difference in the world during the colder months of the year, especially in the Pioneer Valley area. A well-insulated home will keep the winds at bay, ensuring you and your family are warm when the snow starts falling.

What often goes overlooked, though, is just how important insulation is throughout the rest of the year. Summer is surely not the season for keeping warm air inside, but what about the cool air you naturally have inside or are producing with AC?

Put simply, insulation does matter in the summer, and you’ve got to ensure that your home is equipped.

Insulation: A Year-Round Energy Saver

No matter what time of the year it is, paying attention to and maintaining the boundary between conditioned air inside the home and unconditioned air outside the home is extremely important. Getting this in order means you’re already winning half the battle toward home comfort. In order for this to happen you have to ensure that two important factors are in place: insulation and proper air sealing.

Summers in the Pioneer Valley area can get hotter than many people realize; air conditioning can sometimes be a necessity in order to keep your home or building cool and comfortable. When a building isn’t properly air sealed and insulated, the cool air in your home can easily escape, which inevitably leads to energy loss and unnessarily higher utility bills. The hotter the weather, the more your AC unit has to work to keep up you’ll be spending even more on utilities than is necessary.

Protect Your Home’s Systems

Having proper insulation in the summer has the added benefit of protecting your home or building's HVAC systems. Because your AC has to work harder in the summer, wear and tear will occur more quickly than it should. Proper insulation means your systems don’t get overworked, which keeps utility money in your pocket and has the added bonus of extending their lifespan. The same principles apply to your home heating system during the winter. Insulation matters all year-round!

Attic Insulation for Summer Weather

When the summer sun beats down, your attic is typically one of the most affected parts of the home. The air in the attic is heated up and, if not air sealed or if under-insulated, it can infiltrate your living space and affect comfort levels in the rest of your home. Proper insulation the home acts as a barrier between your attic and your conditioned living space, keeping the hot air in the attic and not in your living room.

Don’t let the summer heat affect home comfort! The team at Energia has years of experience in helping home and building owners choose the right insulation to meet your energy and budget needs. Contact us today to get started.

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