Before You Go Solar: Important Prep Tips

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There’s been a lot of buzz over solar energy lately among Western Massachusetts homeowners. It’s true that solar can be one of the most efficient ways to bring energy into your home. As with anything else, however, you’ve got to ensure that you’re prepared for a solar installation in order to get the most out of it. Homeowners across the Northampton, Springfield, Pittsfield and surrounding areas have a lot of options at their disposal for improving home performance, some of which are essential to accessing the true benefits of solar power.

If you think solar may be in your future, consider the following tips for preparing your home for the installation process:

Use High-Performance Insulation

High-performance insulation will last you many years, ensuring that you never suffer drops in your home’s performance. Even though solar power can be extremely effective, you can expect to suffer huge amounts of energy loss if your home isn’t properly insulated. There are a number of different options you can take when insulating a home, but most Massachusetts homeowners find that cellulose insulation, spray foam, mineral wool, and fiberglass are the most effective options on the market.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Air Sealing

While having great insulation on your side is certainly a step in the right direction, getting the most out of it means ensuring that your home doesn’t suffer from poor air sealing. Air sealing is a process that helps to reduce the amount of leaks and small holes that might be scattered throughout your home, and the difference it can make is extraordinary. You’ll experience fewer drafts, improved home comfort and, perhaps most importantly, a boost in efficiency before you even move towards a solar install. Read our air sealing FAQs to learn more.

Start with an Energy Audit

Insulation and air sealing are certainly two of the most important home performance improvements that people can make, but they don’t necessarily cover everything. To get a comprehensive view of your home’s health before going solar, start with a home energy audit. A free energy audit will ensure that no stone is left unturned as areas that could use smart energy improvements within your home are uncovered. Once you have a full understanding of the issues you’re dealing with, Energia will help you devise a plan of how to move forward.

Make sure you’re prepared to go solar. Contact us to learn more about prepping your Western Massachusetts home!

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