High Performance Insulation for your Western Massachusetts Property

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Choosing the Right Insulation for Your Property

Just as different fabrics work for different clothes and people, different types of insulation material work for the various homes and buildings we see here in the Pioneer Valley area. As the property owner, it can be helpful to read through a few of the most common options during the course of an Energia insulation evaluation.

We’re here to help you understand the nuances of our variety of high-performance insulation options – after all, we’ve been doing exactly that for western Massachusetts property owners for over 6 years!

Cellulose insulation

Locally sourced and made with recycled materials, this versatile insulation can be either dense-packed or blown in, depending on the space it’s filling.

Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation (SPF)

This is a high-performance product that insulates spaces and air seals gaps and cracks. There are two main types of SPF, closed cell and open cell. Open cell is less expensive than closed cell but closed cell has higher R-value and acts as a vapor barrier (check out some frequently asked questions).

Mineral (or Stone) Wool

Extremely temperature-resistant and great for sound proofing, mineral wool insulation can be blown into gaps or placed in batt or board form across large spaces.


Fiberglass is a common insulating material, usually seen in batt form (large rolls). Also available in loose form for blown-ins.

Serving a Variety of Clients for a Range of Projects

We proudly serve a range of residential and commercial clients, from homeowners to apartment building owners and large business building owners. In addition to the 4 options listed above, we also offer several alternative insulation types for special situations.

Interested in learning which insulation option is right for your Western Massachusetts home or business? Contact us today to get started.

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