Alternative Insulation Options for Your Home

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Many homeowners underestimate the importance of insulation in their homes (especially in the summer months). Western Mass home and business owners truly see all four seasons of the year, seasons that come with some serious variations in temperature. A building that is properly insulated saves energy year-round. There are a number of different common forms of insulation available, many of which are excellent options.

While cellulose, spray foam and mineral wool can all be very effective, some people prefer to look towards alternative insulation options. Here are just a few that we also recommend:

Cotton & Denim Batts

Aside from the fashion side of things, denim is an excellent material for keeping us warm.  Denim is a popular type of alternative insulation among Energia customers and one of the safest forms of insulation available. It a great choice for families and businesses who want to reduce and eliminate indoor allergens and it is often specified for Hospitals and other buildings where occupants might be sensitive to dust or chemicals.

Sheep’s Wool

When it comes to sustainability, it’s difficult to beat sheep’s wool as a choice for insulation. Many might not know that sheep’s wool is an all natural product that can be blown into walls and loosely into attics in order to insulate a home. There’s a reason why sheep are able to survive and be comfortable in both hot and cold climates. Their wool can have the same beneficial impact on your home if used properly for insulation. Despite a slightly higher installed cost, if you’re aiming for health or just eco-friendliness this is a great route to take.

Polyisocyanurate (“Polyiso”) Board Insulation

t’s certainly a mouthful, but Polyiso board insulation (foam board) is one of the most commonly used alternative insulation options in the industry. Foam board insulation comes with or without a fire protective layer and is perfect for particular areas in buildings where it is difficult to air seal and insulate otherwise. Like closed-cell spray foam it is a very high-performing insulation option.  Don’t let the long name scare you away from a very useful insulation alternative!

Insulating Your Western Mass Home with Energia

Insulation shouldn’t be a mystery, and at Energia, we strive to make sure that it’s not. Whether the goal is performance, comfort or health, our professional team will help assess which insulation options are best for your home.

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