Energy Efficiency & Your Building Envelope

The degree to which your building is sealed or insulated can have a direct impact on its energy efficiency. At Energia, we provide a variety of services designed to boost the energy efficiency of your Pioneer Valley home or commercial building that focus on this crucial piece of the efficiency puzzle.

What is a Building Envelope?

The building perimeter, also called the “building envelope,” is the boundary between the conditioned (aka heated or cooled) and unconditioned air. In some homes, the building envelope coincides with the perimeter of the physical home; in others, there are unconditioned areas of the home that fall inside the home but outside the building envelope.

Proper Air Sealing & Insulation

Regardless of the scope of your building envelope, making sure it is properly aligned and sealed is imperative to avoiding unnecessary energy loss through air leakage. At Energia, our area of expertise lies in strengthening the building envelope. We offer a selection of high-efficiency insulation products, including cellulose, spray foam, mineral wool, fiberglass, and alternative insulation products.

Our team will make sure your air sealing is also up to par. By sealing all the small cracks and gaps throughout your home, we’ll help you save a bundle on energy bills.

Taken together, these services can significantly boost the efficiency of your home. Having a tight building envelope means that your heating and cooling units don’t have to run as hard to keep up with air loss, meaning you can enjoy extended HVAC lifespans for your units, lower energy bills, and save energy.

The Energia Difference

We have years of experience in air sealing and insulation services, guaranteed to boost your home, business, or multifamily building’s energy efficiency.

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