How Can Home Weatherization Ease Your Allergy Symptoms?

Since spring is finally here in Massachusetts, the blooming trees, grasses, and flowers remind many people about their allergies. However, it’s not just the outdoors that can cause allergy symptoms. Many things in your home’s air can be inducing symptoms as well.

Indoor Air Pollutants Can Cause Allergies

There are many pollutants that can affect your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) and exacerbate allergy symptoms. Frequently, allergies and asthma are affected by the following indoor air pollutants:

  • Dust mites

  • Pet dander

  • Airborne chemical like VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

  • Mold spores

  • Pollen which makes its way in from the outdoors

Preventing and controlling these allergens is the only way to effectively prevent health problems. So what can you do to ease your allergy symptoms at home for the long-term?

Home Weatherization

Starting with complete home weatherization is one of the first steps you should take towards improving your home’s IAQ.

Air Sealing

Your home’s building envelope consists of hundreds of small cracks and gaps, which can add up significantly. By closing these entry and exit points with air sealing, you’ll prevent air exfiltration and infiltration. This will not only help stop pollen and other outdoor pollutants from entering, but it will also work to keep your home more comfortable and energy efficient year-round.

In addition, air sealing can help prevent moisture problems which may eventually lead to mildew and mold growth.


The second step in comprehensive home weatherization is insulation. By insulating your home properly, you’ll be taking further action against moisture issues. Insulation will also keep you comfortable throughout the entire year. It’ll ensure you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, allowing you to use your HVAC systems less to save money each month.


The final step in proper home weatherization is ventilation. Since air sealing and insulation tighten up the building envelope, ventilation will help to prevent the buildup of pollutants and moisture. With mechanical ventilation, you can allow fresh air in to improve indoor air quality.

Comfort & Health for Your Massachusetts Home with Energía

At Energía we’ll help make your home healthier, in addition to ensuring that it’s more comfortable and energy efficient. Our team of experts can help ease those indoor allergy symptoms for you and your entire family.

Don’t let your home’s air cause allergy symptoms! Improve your home’s health and comfort today by contacting us or calling (413) 322-3111 and scheduling your appointment today.


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