Why Is My Upstairs So Hot?

Across Massachusetts, many homeowners are struggling to get comfortable at home over the summer. You may be one of them! If your air conditioner is running over time, but the upstairs is still too uncomfortable, you might be wondering what’s wrong. Is it a problem with your AC?

Unless your downstairs is also unbearably hot, it’s unlikely the problem is caused by your air conditioner. So how do you determine what’s causing your upstairs to feel like a furnace and how can you resolve the problem?

Reasons Your Upstairs Might Be Hot in the Summer

If your upstairs is too hot, check that all your windows are closed when your AC is running. While this might be an easy to spot reason why your upstairs is feeling toasty, most common reasons aren’t all that obvious and should be inspected by a professional, including?

  • Insufficient insulation in the attic or sidewalls

  • Air leaks in the building envelope

  • Ductwork that is leaky, poorly insulated, and unbalanced

  • HVAC system that’s improperly sized

Boost Comfort at Home

The most frequent cause of an upstairs that’s hot, sticky, and stuffy during the summer is inadequate insulation and a lack of air sealing. Through small cracks and gaps, hot air from the outside can make its way in, while cool, conditioned air is able to escape. Combining air leakage with poor insulation allows heat from outdoors to make your home uncomfortable during the summer.

Resolving the issue starts with an energy audit. During this assessment, a trained expert will be able to uncover what areas will require additional insulation and air sealing. After an energy audit, you’ll be presented with a comprehensive solution which for an uncomfortable second floor will include air sealing and insulation in several key areas. Once the work is complete, you will notice a marked difference in the comfort of your upstairs during the summer. It’ll also help you stay warmer and save on your home’s heating bills during the winter.

Energía: Your Massachusetts Home Comfort Specialists

If you’re tired of an upstairs that never cools down during the hot months, the team at Energía is here to help. We’ll start with uncovering the exact problems and then resolving them with our array of home performance solutions, so that you can count on a more comfortable and energy efficient home for the whole year.

Cool down your upstairs this summer. Call (413) 322-3111 or  contact us  to schedule your home consultation today!

Cool down your upstairs this summer. Call (413) 322-3111 or contact us to schedule your home consultation today!

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