Triple Bottom Line: Energia’s Sustainable Commitment

Energia Sustainability

The concept of “green” business practices has been played up in the public sphere to a rather large extent over the course of the past decade or so. When you take a closer look at some of the companies in Western Massachusetts that promote themselves as “green” or “sustainable,” you’ll notice that they are really only saying this for marketing purposes. Any contractor can paint their truck the deepest shade of green possible, but are they actually practicing sustainability?

At Energia, we aim to truly adhere to sustainable business practices. We back this up with our triple bottom line model, characterized by the three pillars of sustainability: social (people), environmental (planet), and financial (profit).

Social Entrepreneurship

The heart of any organization is its people.  At Energia we strive to provide opportunity to the disenfranchised and offer green career ladders for women, minorities and veterans. We invest heavily in technical, leadership and professional training so that we can build on our pool of talented professionals. Our staff holds a variety of different certifications and licenses, contributing to our passion for and commitment to upholding the highest of standards. As our business succeeds, our employees succeed too.  Our employees are not just workers in a company, but together are actual owners of 24% of the enterprise.

Environmental Commitment

It’s easy to come up with a marketing campaign that paints the picture of a company devoted to saving the planet. Finding a business that actually sticks to these ideals in the face of challenging financial concerns, however, is a lot more challenging. Our team at Energia approaches our projects with sustainability in mind.

From documenting the life cycle and impact of our products, sourcing our products as locally as possible, and to cataloging our waste stream we attend to vital aspects of green business practices contracting that simply cannot be overlooked! We have trucks running on veggie oil, plug-in hybrid vehicles, 100% electricity at the office from the sun, and continue to find healthier alternatives such as sheeps wool and non-voc products for clients with particular health sensitivities.  

We work harder to make sure our impact from our operations on the planet is lessened while offering services that assist clients in lowering their own energy consumption and carbon footprint through sustainable air sealing and insulation procedures.

Financial Responsibility

Financial concerns can easily get the best of any business, and if you don't have a viable business to operate you cannot fulfill broader social and environmental goals.  At Energia, we are committed to livable wages for our employees, transparency, and we pride ourselves for following equitable business practices, ensuring that both our customers and employees are getting the best end of the deal.

We’re changing the way people think of “green” business. Have questions? Get in touch to learn about our ethical business model.

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