Got Lingering Ice Dam Damage?

energia ice dam

Anyone who lives in or around the Northampton area knows that this was one of the worst winters we’ve had in years. While the winter had plenty of ill effects, one of the most prominent repercussions for homeowners was a huge uptick in ice dams. Spring may finally be here, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely in the clear. Your home may have been damaged by ice dams this winter without you even realizing there was an issue. For this any many other reasons, it helps to know what to look for now that the ice has (finally) thawed.

Signs of Ice Dam Damage

Ice dams can damage your home in a number of ways, and homeowners who are unfamiliar with the signs often have a hard time noticing that an issue is at hand. If you look closely, however, there are a number of warning signs that your Northampton-area home has suffered damage from ice dams. These red flags are good indicators of damage:

  • Leaky Ceiling

  • Stained / Spotted Drywall

  • Rotting Roof Decking and Other Structural Components

  • Wet Insulation

Once you notice any of the above signs, you know you’ve got a problem on your hand that isn’t going to fix itself. Damage from ice dams can get expensive over time, as damage will only get worse if left ignored. It can make living conditions uncomfortable and even dangerous if you aren’t careful.

Treating vs. Solving Western Massachusetts Ice Dams

A lot of Western Massachusetts homeowners understandably want to treat ice damage issues as inexpensively as possible. Often, heated tape and steam blasting methods are used to immediately cure the issue while it’s happening, as both of these methods can help to temporarily solve ice dam issues. This being said, these measures of defense do not address the deeper problems associated with ice dams. The dams have the unfortunate potential to come back around again next winter.

In most cases, ice dams are a big symptom of a deeper problem. When they occur, it often means that your home suffers from poor insulation or air sealing, both of which can quickly contribute to ice dam issues. At Energia, our professional team is trained specifically in these two services. We offer high-performance insulation and air sealing services, ensuring that ice dams not only disappear but ALSO that your home’s building envelope is healthier, tighter, and more efficient. Our team can also help you obtain an energy audit to detect key areas in your home that are contributing to ice dam formation.

Our team at Energia is here to help you reverse your ice dam damage and ensure that it doesn’t happen again next winter. Call us today to set up an appointment for your Western Mass home or building!

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