Thinking Spring? Think Air Sealing!

We’re finally feeling the warming effects of spring. Flower buds are popping up, snow is melting, and we are at long last starting to turn down the heat in our Western Massachusetts homes. Before you know it, summer heat will be here--make sure your home is ready! The change of season brings with it a long list of to-dos to make your home more comfortable and clean after a long winter. 

Add Weatherization to your Spring Cleaning Checklist!

The snow is melting here in Western Massachusetts. It’s time for Spring cleaning! Over the next few weeks we’ll all be gearing up for warmer weather. As you go through your checklist (clearing out the garage, boxing up your winter coats, dusting off your bike, clearing the gutters...), don’t forget to attend to your home. We often think of weatherization as preparing for the cold of winter, but in reality, weatherization is a necessity for efficiency and comfort year-round.

Do I Have Enough Attic Insulation?

While having insulation installed may seem like a simple home improvement project, there are many ways that insulation can be improperly installed. Unfortunately, a poor insulation job can cost you money and unnecessary home heat loss. 70% of energy costs in the average U.S. home are due to heating and cooling. Having a knowledgeable installer evaluate and insulate your home can make all the difference in increasing comfort and reducing ongoing bills.

Surprising Sources of Heat Loss in the Home

During the winter here in Western Massachusetts, most people are extra careful about keeping windows and doors tightly shut, even adding weather stripping and insulating films to save as much heat as possible. What most homeowners may not realize is that up to a third of their annual heating and cooling budget is leaking out of their homes through gaps and cracks.