Weatherproofing Your Home Year-Round

It’s no secret that Western Massachusetts is a beautiful place to live. One thing about the area that keeps homeowners on their toes, however, is the unpredictable weather.  For this and many other reasons, homeowners in the Pioneer Valley Area owe it to themselves to weatherproof their homes as efficiently as possible.

Weatherization in the Summer

When winter hits in the Pioneer Valley, many residents look towards weatherization to ensure that their homes are not only comfortable, but safe and protected against ice dams for those days when inclement weather gets out of hand. Summer may not be the time of year that weatherization pops into people’s heads, but many are surprised to find out that it’s just as important throughout the summer as it is when winter is in full swing. 

Add Weatherization to your Spring Cleaning Checklist!

The snow is melting here in Western Massachusetts. It’s time for Spring cleaning! Over the next few weeks we’ll all be gearing up for warmer weather. As you go through your checklist (clearing out the garage, boxing up your winter coats, dusting off your bike, clearing the gutters...), don’t forget to attend to your home. We often think of weatherization as preparing for the cold of winter, but in reality, weatherization is a necessity for efficiency and comfort year-round.

Fixing Your Drafty Windows

As the season is changing here in Western Massachusetts, many inefficiencies with your home’s heating and cooling systems that might normally go undetected are more obvious. Fixing them is more important than ever. They might be making your home uncomfortable and increasingly expensive to heat.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy, reducing drafts in a home can result in energy savings that range from 5% to 30% per year.